Men's Merino Underwear

The range of Merino & Co’s men's wool underwear provides a comfort that synthetic materials just can't give you ensuring you are comfortable all day long.

Merino wool is a unique natural fibre that absorbs moisture and sweat keeping it away from the surface of your skin. The composition of the fibre locks in odours stopping bacteria growth, leaving you with a clean, fresh feeling all day long. The durability and quality of our men's merino underwear means they are machine washable, which is perfect for an active lifestyle.

Men's merino underwear combined with one of our basic men’s wool shirts creates the ideal base layer for hiking or outdoor activities, the superior temperature control ability of merino wool means it performs perfectly in cooler climates. Merino wool is even a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions as it is naturally occurring and isn't made from or treated with harsh chemicals.

Shop the range of men's wool underwear online today and make sure you're comfortable all day long with our range of high-quality merino underwear. Shop online today and experience the confidence of a pure wool undergarment.