Merino T-Shirts in the Australian Summer: Why It's the Smart Choice

Choosing merino wool may well be the smartest choice you’ll make this summer season, and yes, you did just hear us say wool. You may be surprised to learn about the miraculous benefits of merino wool clothing that go beyond your winter wardrobe. It certainly is the most sensible choice to make this summer.

Start by feeling positively cool at your next outdoor picnic, wearing your breathable merino t-shirt. Or dress in comfort during your next hike wearing moisture-wicking merino wool socks. Trust us, choosing merino wool will revolutionise the way you operate and see you breezing through summer. Just think, no more hot sticky summer days!

How To Keep Cool In Summer: Merino Wool Benefits

Breathable and stylish: merino wool fabrics are breathable, meaning heat is not trapped between your clothing and skin, making a merino top a practical addition to your wardrobe Natural UV protection and a high UPF rating: merino wool provides an effective barrier against UV rays whilst ensuring your body does not overheat Moisture-wicking: merino wool clothing are naturally effective at absorbing moisture, keeping drier with antibacterial properties Naturally cooling: fibres in merino wool promote the transfer of heat away from the body, and as such, provide a natural cooling effect

Merino Wool Shielding You From The Harsh Aussie Sun

Protecting you from the severe Australian sun is just the start of what merino wool can provide. Sunny summer days are here but don’t be fooled by those seemingly cloudy days. With UV rays hot on the news and hitting us left and right, the ozone layer is the last thing we need to worry about. Imagine if there was an all-in-one fabric that could tick all the boxes. Well, here it is.

Merino wool not only provides protection from those harmful UV rays but it’s also efficient at cooling you down too. We’re sure that you had never thought of a merino t-shirt as being the perfect investment piece for your summer wardrobe. It’s no wonder that merino wool has been hailed as the ‘miracle fabric’.

What is Merino Wool?

Right now, you're probably satisfied associating winter woollies with cloudy miserable days, so let’s clear this up once and for all. Although regular wool is more commonly associated with the winter months, it’s the properties in merino wool that make it unique.

Coming from merino sheep, its finer and softer properties are what makes it perfectly suited for use all year round. What’s more, we’re seeing merino wool being used increasingly in fashion brands both locally and around the globe. Ultimately, creating stylish luxury fashion pieces that are lightweight and highly sought after.

Truth be told, we’ve been dressing and staying cool in merino wool for years now. There is an abundance of reasons why merino wool will see you through this summer season, so read on to discover more.

Breathable Merino T-Shirts: A Stylish Addition For The Warmer Months

Besides being a talked about style-trend of the moment, there’s an army of practical reasons why merino tops are coming out ahead of the pack. Firstly, merino wool is a wonderfully breathable fabric, a sought after property that’s directly related to its ability to remove moisture. In fact, merino wool is better at removing moisture from the body than most synthetic fabrics.

So how does it work? As your body increases in temperature, your sweat is transferred from your skin and absorbed by the wool fibres. This is then quickly released to the drier outside environment, taking with it the moisture that you’ve accumulated so that you are left feeling dry and comfortable.

Merino Wool Seeing You Through Those Hot Summer Days

As we mentioned earlier, the natural cooling effect of your merino top is directly related to the fibres ability to remove moisture. They do their magic by moving sweat away from the body and into the atmosphere, but here’s the best bit. In addition to being a great absorber of moisture, merino wool actually helps to draw heat away from the body.

As your body produces heat the moisture stored in fibres evaporates, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. Essentially, the more your body heats up, the more evaporation takes place, drawing heat away from your body, leaving your body drier and ultimately cooler.

Natural Sun Protection: Merino Wool Clothes Protecting You Against Harmful UV Rays

The unforgiving Australian sun is synonymous with the need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Making the sensible choice when it comes to outdoor dressing is simple when all you need is to do is slip on a merino t-shirt.

In fact, merino wool provides a UPF rating that’s higher than standard cotton and most synthetic fabrics. It’s a positively perfect choice for those long summer days spent outdoors, and even more so for those overcast days when the UV rays are masked behind clouds, but emitting their dangerous rays just the same.

Odour Suppressing Merino Wool Shirts Make For An Ideal Summer Item

Merino Wool has enchanting properties that play, again thanks to its natural ability to efficiently manage moisture and eliminate odour. It all comes down to merino wools natural ability to inhibit bacterial growth, due to its lanolin content.

For example, synthetic materials can harbour a nasty warm environment that actually encourages bacteria to thrive, unlike merino wool. Thankfully, merino wool possess antimicrobial properties, to stop all the nasties dead in their tracks. That means you’re left smelling fresh and odour free!

Merino Wool Clothing: A Clever Investment for Summer

So there we have it, just a few of the many miraculous benefits that Australian merino wool can deliver you during the warmer months. Stocking your wardrobe with merino wool clothing will be the smartest choice you’ll make this summer so start exploring the entire range of womens, mens and merino wool accessories online.

Trust us, you’ll be positively impressed with our stylish range, so take a look and make a smart investment. With so many choices including free shipping*, Australia wide and secure Afterpay and PayPal payment options, there’s no better time than today to start shopping.