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Merino Socks Australia

From hiking the great outdoors to travelling, and everything in between you need a good quality pair of merino wool socks to keep you feeling comfortable and carry you through your day, and we’ve got the perfect pair for you in our quality range of wool socks in Australia.

What Is merino wool socks? 

Merino wool naturally draws moisture away from the skin, locking it in to leave you dry and comfortable all day long. These moisture-wicking abilities make merino wool the perfect material for socks.

The naturally occurring keratin oils found in merino wool help to break down odours and the composition of the fibre locks them away to keep you odour free for longer, so you are able to go from the gym to the office without the worry of bacteria and sweat build up. 

Are Merino Socks Worth it?

Our entire collection of pure merino socks is made from sustainable, 100% Australian merino wool which means our socks are the softest, most comfortable pair you can wear. The natural abilities of merino wool mean that these socks are perfect for an active lifestyle or for keeping you warm as you lounge around the house on a rainy day.

The high quality of the wool means our range of merino wool socks in Australia will last as long as you keep adventuring, so shop the entire range of merino accessories and explore our collection of merino wool socks online now and feel the difference.


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